Hi, I'm Molly.


But what I really, really like to do is help you sound more like you. With words. On paper. Or Internet. 

Your brand's voice is ultimately what connects potential clients with your business. That's true, no matter if you run a private practice, small business, non-profit or nationally recognized empire. 

The trouble is, writing takes lots of time that you probably don't have. That blog you want to start? Your company's marketing materials? The newsletter that only happened once?

Time, time and time.

This is where I come in.

With over a decade of professional writing experience and years of social media strategy under my belt, I will help you become the master of your digital domain. Let's make it happen.

What I do:

  • Brand Voice
    What's the key element in connecting potential clients to your brand? A voice that resonates. I'll help you craft website and marketing materials that attract you ideal customers.

  • Ghostwriting
    You don't have time to create blog posts, stellar sales slides or a newsletter that gets people clicking. I make that happen for you in your brand's unique voice. 

  • Content Audits
    Does your website sound like you? Do you use jargon that's difficult for the average person to understand? Is it overwhelming to read? I'll let you know and tell you how to fix it. 

  • Editing
    Need an extra set of eyes on that course you designed, your upcoming newsletter or an important speech? Pssst... send it to me first! I'm right over here. 

  • Freelance Writing
    Maybe you've seen my stuff in Delta Sky Magazine, Minneapolis-St. Paul Magazine, Eater, xoJane, AndrewZimmern.com, TPT Rewire, and other awesome publications.